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The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Sport Aircraft

Quicksilver produces Ultralight, Ultralight type, Light Sport, and Experimental/Amateur Built aircraft kits. As the most commonly used Ultralight training aircraft in America, Quicksilver’s light aircraft are recognized for being ideal for recreational flying as well as flight training. Two popular lines of aircraft are produced: the MX series and the GT series. The MX series of aircraft offers the best in open cockpit flying while the GT series offers high performance and partial or full enclosure for cooler climates. Whether you have logged thousands of flight hours in large, fast, and complex aircraft or you are just being introduced to flying, Quicksilver has a model for you. Experience the essence of flying in a Quicksilver

Welcome to the World of Quicksilver Ultralight and Light Aircraft. Since 1971 the Quicksilver planform has been an “icon and the standard” of the industry. This is reflected in the more than 15,000 Quicksilver aircraft sold to date. Far more than its nearest competitor. And while the ownership of the company has changed over the years, its philosophy (has not); quality, simplicity and industry leading engineering and quality assurance. (These things) combined with ease of assembly and maintenance as well as docile and predictable flying characteristics have made and continue to make Quicksilver the benchmark by which all others are judged. With industry first after first, Quicksilver ultralight and light aircraft have truly led the way in industry standard (P.U.M.A. & L.A.M.A. Certification) and FAA Type Certification for our category of aircraft. Quicksilver has always been the first to achieve certification for our category of aircraft and the term “only” usually accompanies first as well. The proven history of our product as well as our commitment to engineering and quality assurance gives you the peace of mind that you are getting the most reliable, well made ultralight type aircraft on the market. And after-all, isn’t that what counts when you are making such an important decision?

This commitment to engineering excellence is reflected in the use of Quicksilver’s by flying professionals (around the world). In the last published statistics, 46 percent of registered USA ultralight flight instructors used Quicksilver’s for teaching their students. Professional flight instructors require the best and have the experience to recognize quality and value. By a wide margin they chose Quicksilver’s line of ultralight and light aircraft. As the choice of the professionals who introduce students to the thrill of flying, shouldn’t it be the choice for you!

It is our goal to make your recreational flying experience as simple and enjoyable as it can be. With bolt together style assembly, Quicksilver kits will truly get you flying faster than any other ultralight or light aircraft kits in the market. No fabrication or manufacturing of parts by you is required. Quicksilver’s bolt together like an erector set. Or you can ask your nearest dealer for details on the kit being assembled for you. While some people do like the (timely) process of building and fabricating their own flying machine as they find with other brands of planes, (we) feel that most people prefer to experience the thrill of flight as soon as possible. That is why Quicksilver kits were designed to be so simple to put together.

Please take a minute to review our selection of aircraft models. As you peruse through the information, jot down any questions you may have. Then contact your nearest dealer or the factory to get your questions answered (and begin your pursuit of the most fun you’ll ever have). For the name and number of your nearest dealer hit the dealer button on this page.

The Quicksilver factory is looking forward to serving your flying needs. You want and deserve the best. With Quicksilver you get competitive prices and superior quality. While you may be able to find something cheaper elsewhere, you will not find anything that is a better value for the money. And when it comes to your peace of mind, don’t you want to know you’re flying the best!?

Happy Flying, The Quicksilver Support Team

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