The Freedom of Flight

Oh yes, watching the majestic blue sky clean of clouds and your beautiful flying machine parked in the dew-covered grass runway is a sight to see.

You feel optimistic, energized and although you do not like to admit it, a little of a rebel. Once you are seated in the aircraft you know so well the vibration and sound it emits makes you feel confident and eager. In seconds you have abandoned the ground and you are airborne. The rush of the cool air and the sights you see reaffirm once more that this is where you belong.

What is wrong with this picture?

… Well, the road to get there is tough: regulations do have a reason to exist but they truly make the path challenging. Therefore most abandon the dream and satisfy their fancy with a demo flight.

The easy path is there…in theory: Legal ultralights allow you to fly without a pilot license (you do require training) and in a plane that does not require FAA oversight (no airworthiness certificate or N-number).

But Ultralights that meet part 103 are difficult to come by and when they do they come from companies you have never heard of. In addition, being a single-seat ship, how are you going to be trained legally in one?

Quicksilver, a company with more than 40 years in the business and the pioneer of the industry is proud to announce the solution to the problem:

  • It is launching the MX 103 a legal ultralight with 50HP engine under $18900 fully assembled based on the MX Sprint that has a long track record of safety and ruggedness.

  • It has available the Sport 2SE SLSA for training schools that has the same layout and controls as the legal ultralight but with two seats for instructor and student

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