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After a 19 month long project that started in November 2012 Quicksilver is unveiling its first FAA approved S-LSA.

The Sport 2SE (E - enjoy), was at the Oshkosh Airventure 2014 and was flown there.

The airplane is the only open cockpit SLSA in the market from a longstanding and reputable company.

The design has a proven track record, no hype-here: the experimental version has been flown for many years, in the most diverse geographies and climates, and it has shown itself to be easy and fun to fly, attractive and very safe. There are hundreds flying around the world.

To be approved by the FAA the design underwent strict testing to meet the ASTM SLSA standards: key upgrades to the design were made, computer calculations, structural tests and flying evaluations demonstrated that the airplane is robust and forgiving. This is a "real" airplane and no corners were cut to obtain the approval.

The factory in Temecula revamped its quality systems and the aircraft is manufactured under strict tolerances.

Systems to keep manuals up-to-date and a Continuous Operating Safety
protocols are in place at the Plant.

The price at $39,999 is one of the lowest in the market for an SLSA
The airplane is a wonderful platform to learn to fly inexpensively.
Operating costs are low.

The Sport 2SE offers a "magic-carpet" flying experience that is quite different and unique as compared with enclosed cockpit airplanes that fly faster: it is a sensorially rich experience where you can feel the air passing around you, you can see the birds flying along, smell the fields and see what is happening at ground level and being noticed by the people on the ground. All of that is lost in a high flying, fast airplane.

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