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Our LSA can insured to individuals, traning centers or flight clubs by First Flight Insurance Group, Inc. and Falcon Insurance Agency Inc.

The airplane is the only open cockpit SLSA in the market from a longstanding and reputable company.

The design has a proven track record, no hype-here: the experimental version has been flown for many years, in the most diverse geographies and climates, and it has shown itself to be easy and fun to
fly, attractive and very safe. There are hundreds flying around the world.

To be approved by the FAA the design underwent strict testing to meet the ASTM SLSA
standards: key upgrades to the design were made, computer calculations, structural
tests and flying evaluations demonstrated that the airplane is robust and forgiving.
This is a "real" airplane and no corners were cut to obtain the approval.

The factory in California, USA revamped its quality systems and
the aircraft is manufactured under strict tolerances so every
aircraft is for all intents and purposes identical to the
one used to obtain the approval.

Systems to keep manuals up-to-date and
a Continuous Operating Safety
protocols are in place at the Plant.
The airplane is a wonderful platform to learn to
fly inexpensively. Operating costs are low.

The Sport 2SE offers a "magic-carpet" flying experience that
is quite different and unique as compared with ALL enclosed cockpit airplanes that fly faster: it is a sensorially rich experience where you can feel the air passing around you, you can see the birds flying along, smell the fields and see what is happening at ground level and being noticed by the people on the ground.
All of that is lost in a fast, high flying airplane.
The airplane is designed for the training schools and dealerships that want a low-operating-cost airplane that offers a fun, simple, safe ride. It is also intended for experienced pilots and new aviation enthusiast that want their own plane without having to assemble it and that can be flown immediately: the plane is sold tested and with an aiworthiness certificate and N-number.

The only thing the pilot needs is a sport pilot license, which is the simplest to acquire and does not require a medical examination every year.

Maintenance can be provided by LS-M (light sport maintanance repairman that requires a 120 hr course or by an A & P mechanic).
The airplane comes nicely equipped with

  > 3 blade tapered tip composite Warp drive prop that provides better
      thrust but is easy on the engine. The homebuilt has a 2 blade
       wood prop. It has less thrust as is more noisy.

       > It comes with E-gearbox reduction, battery and built-in electric
           starter so the airplane can be started with a button push
            instead of hand proping it like the homebuilt version
             (B gearbox).

              > It comes already with oil injection so the pilot can just add
                  fuel when flying to another airfield instead of having to
                   prepare the oil-gas mix in an strange airfield like the

                     > It has a 12 gallon tank in place of the standard 6
                          gallon tank in the homebuilt version so that the
                          airplane can fly longer distances instead of just
                            around the patch.
> It has K&N filters for easier maintenance. They can be washed
   and re-used. The standard foam-type in the homebuilt have to
   be substituted every 50 hrs.

> It comes equipped with EIS and an attractive flight deck.
   The homebuilt has smaller 13" wheels.

> An experimental kit with all the options of the LSA would be priced at $29,999.
   That is only a $10,000 difference versus the factory built FAA approved model.

> The hombebuilt does not come with instruments (except a Hall)
   in its most basic version.

> It comes with black max wheel brakes for better braking action
   in very short fields and precision teleflex cable for the stick for
   firmer and more responsive feel of the control surfaces .

1. The user saves about 100-120 hours of his time building the airplane.
2. Once finished the experimental kit must be flown in a specified airport without passenger for 40 hours until it is deemed safe. The SLSA can fly with passenger and to another airport immediately
3. In the hombuilt version all the assembly of the kit must be documented (log book and pictures) and shown to the Designated Airworthiness Representative and documentation must be filed to get the Airworthiness Certificate and N-number. The S2SE is sold assembled, flight tested and with AWC and N-number.
4. The SLSA is assembled by professionals with dozens of airplanes already assembled ... the quality shows. The home-built kit is assembled by a first time builder and even though the airplanes are designed for them quality of the finished product is not the same.
5. The SLSA is supported at the factory with a Continuous  Operating Safety system that notifies owners of upgrades and service bulletins to keep the airplane current.
6. The SLSA underwent extensive testing, upgrades and the Quality System of the factory had to be revamped to meet strict criteria. This cost is included in the airplanes.
7. Manuals in the SLSA are more complete and kept under periodic revisions.
8. The re-sale value of the SLSA is expected to be significantly higher that in the case of the homebuilt.
9. You can do flight training for hire in the SLSA and you cannot in a experimental kit.
10. You can do glider towing in the SLSA for hire but you cannot in a experimental kit.
11. The SLSA has special edition seats.
13. The S2SE has new sails patterns exclusive for the SLSA version.
14. The limited warranty of the SLSA is one year and that of the kit is 6 months.

This is a "real" airplane in spite of its simplicity. It has 3-axis controls like larger planes, so in direct contrast with trikes, by learning to fly the Sport 2S you have the alternative to transition to more complex airplanes smoothly without having to re-learn key aspects of airplane control.

The stick-and-rudder skills needed to fly standard airplanes can be learned efficiently which gives you confidence and opens up your possibilities for the future.

The high-wing pusher configuration is ideal for recreational pilots because it maximizes visibility where you need it: front, sides and below.

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